About Us

Welcome to 4gujarat. The purpose behind creating this web portal is to make it easy for every student to get general knowledge in Gujarati language while preparing for the competitive exam.

Find out what you can find in this website

1). Every recruitment information

2). Syllabus of each exam

3). Old papers of competitive examination

4). Pdf of each subject

5). Daily Current Affairs

6). Explanation of different topics

7). District of Gujarat

8). General Knowledge of Gujarat, India and the world

9). Mock test of each subject

About Founder

I am Chirag Patel  founder of 4Gujarat. I have studied up to M.com. I have studied up to higher secondary in my village high school and college level from Saurashtra. I love reading and writing new things. In my lifetime so far I have had the opportunity to work in the political, social and educational spheres. I have created this web portal just to share my experience and knowledge of the field of competitive exams for the last four years. My main objective in this too is that I decided to start 4gujarat at a price that my other brothers and sisters did not face while I was having trouble preparing for GPSC. The cooperation you have given me since I started has given me the strength to work harder. I hope that your cooperation will continue.


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