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100 Gk questions with answers in English

Hello, friends here are 100 gk questions with answers in English. Which will be helpful for you in IAS, PSC, NDA, CDS, CAPF, SSC, CPO, Railway, Banking etc competitive exams.

100 Gk questions with answers in English

1). What was the real name of Gautam Buddha?

Ans: Siddhartha

2). The longest Railway Platform in India is ……………

Ans: Gorakhpur

3). How many windows are there on the outside walls of Hawa Mahal of Jaipur?

Ans: 953

4). Operation ‘Smiling Budhdha’ is associated with:

Ans: India’s first Nuclear test

5). Who among the following scientists Invented the Cotton Gin?

Ans: Eli Whiney

6). “Sandalwood” is the state tree of …………

Ans: Karnataka

7). Name of the first woman to become chief justice of a state High court in India.

Ans: Leila seth

8). Who was the first woman to be elected as the president of the Indian National Congress?

Ans: Annie Besant

9). Who invented Helicopter?

Ans: Sikorsky

10). When was the PIN Code (Postal Index Code) introduced in Indian?

Ans: 1972

11). What was the name of the first artificial satellite launched by India in 1975?

Ans: Aryabhatta

12). Red Data Book provides an account of –

Ans: Endangered plants & animals

13). When was the Eden Gardens Stadium, Kolkata established?

Ans: 1864

14). The system of budget was introduced in India during the viceroyalty of-

Ans: Canning

15). Name the longest Lake in India?

Ans: Vembanad Lake

16). Which is the largest ocean of the world?

Ans: Pacific Ocean

17). In India which city is also known as city of palaces?

Ans: Kolkata

18). Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra have rock-cut cave monuments of which religion?

Ans: Buddhism 

19). In which year did India give shelter to Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual Leader?

Ans: 1959

20). Ozone saves the biosphere by absorbing high energy radiations called……….

Ans: Ultraviolet Rays (UV)

21). In which year did Vasco Da Gama Land in Calicut (Kozikode)?

Ans: 1498

22). Which Country Launched the first artificial satellite sputnik-1?


23). Who invented “Coca-cola”?

Ans: Les Paul

24). Which is the largest Uranium Producing country in the world? 

Ans: Kazakhstan

25). Who is the first law officer of the country?

Ans: Attorney General

26). Shimala is the capital of which Indian state?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh

27). Garo-Khasi range is located in which Indian state?

Ans: Meghalaya

28). Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station was designed by………..

Ans: Frederick William stevens

29). Name the National bird of Bhutan.

Ans: Raven

30). Chandragupta (322-298 BC) was the ruler of which dynasty?

Ans: Maurya

31). About 70% of the sun is made up of…………

Ans: Hydrogen

32). Which state in India has the largest cover area of Forest?

Ans: Madhya Pradesh

33). What was the literacy rate of India as per the Census of 2011?

Ans: 74.0% 

34). Which river in also called ‘Dihang’ in India?

Ans: Brahmaputra

35). Ganga is a result of confluence of rivers Bhagirathi and Alakananda ae which place?

Ans: Dev Prayag

36). Kapaleeswarar Temple in TamilNadu is dedicated to which Indian God?

Ans: Shiva

37). The largest Herbarium of India is located at-

Ans: Kolkata

38). The highest railway Station in India is located in the state of ……………

Ans: West Bengal

39). Which country is the largest producer of wheat?

Ans: China

40). Gandhiji started his famous Dandi march from :

Ans: Sabarmati Ashram

41). The biggest reserve of Thorium are in …………..

Ans:  India

42). First National Park of India that was established in 1936 was named as-

Ans: Hailey National Park

43). India has how many states?

Ans: 28

44). Which is the largest union territory in India in terms of area?

Ans:  Jammu and Kashmir

45). Squadron Leader is one of the ranks of the Indian………

Ans: Air Force

46). India’s Longest LPG pipeline in from Jamnagar to ………….

Ans: Loni (Uttar Pradesh)

47). Where is the headquarters of south Western Railway?

Ans: Hubli (Karnataka)

48). What is the shape of the Indian Ocean?

Ans: Almost Triangular

49). Which city in India is the Least populated according to the 2011 census?

Ans: Kapurthala

50). The Largest irrigation canal in India is ……….

Ans: Indira Gandhi canal

51). Vikramshila University was Founded by-

Ans: Dharmapala

52). Who raised the slogan “Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it”?

Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

53). Which superfast train has AC Coach having Braille signals? :

Ans: Purushottam Express

54). Where is the Rumi Darwaza located?

Ans: Lucknow

55). Which state has the longest coastline?

Ans: Gujarat

56). Sami Vivekananda championed the supremacy of Vedantic philosophy in the Chicago (USA) conference of World Religions held in the year……….

Ans: 1893

57). Which of these railway stations is a World Heritage site? :

Ans: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

58). The Indus Waters Treaty Was signed between India and Pakistan on ………

Ans: 19th September 1960

59). The supreme court of India was established on:

Ans: 26 January 1950

60). The natural habitat of Rhinoceros in India is-

Ans: Kaziranga

61). The world ‘Satyameva Jayate’ on the state emblem has been taken from which Upanishad?

Ans: Mundaka

62). Raja Ravi Varma was a great Painter of which of the following?

Ans: Kerala

63). Mahatma Gandhi Was born in which year?

Ans: 1869 (2 October)

64). Which Country has the most coal Reserves?

Ans: USA

65). On which lake is the world’s only floating post office situated?

Ans: Dal lake (J&K)

66). Majuli, the largest river island in the world is located in………….

Ans:  Assam

67). Which of the following is the longest river in India?

Ans: Ganga

68). Article 21A of the constitution of India provides Right to………….

Ans: Education

69). Daringbadi hill station is located in the Indian state of……………

Ans: Odisha

70). A Gold lion passant holding a sword in its right fire paw, is the national symbol of……………

Ans: Sri Lanka

71). When did Bangladesh get independence from Pakistan?

Ans: 1971

72). A young ………… is called a joey.

Ans: Kangaroo

73). In the context of India’s space research, ‘Vyom mitra’ is the name of:

Ans: An Indian robot

74). The Tata Iron and steel company (TISCO) was established by Dorabji Tata in :

Ans: 1907

75). In India, the project tiger was started in …………

Ans: 1973

77). Burma became Independent sovereign republic in the year……….

Ans: 1948

78). Where is the Jai Hind bridge located in India? 

Ans: Kolkata

79). In which of the following years was the first rocket launched in India?

Ans: 1963

80). Where in India will you find India’s largest tulip garden?      

Ans: Shrinagar

81). The country which tops in the production of cocoa is ……………

Ans: Ivory coast

82). The Centre of a cyclone is a clam area. It is called the ………… of the storm.

Ans: Eye

83). The driest Location on Earth is in which country?

Ans: Chile

84). Name the only sea in the world that does NOT have a land Boundary.

Ans: Sargasso Sea

85). Which country has the most time zones in the world?

Ans: France

86). Which device is used to measure the depth of ocean?

Ans: Fathometer

87). Who invented Universal Standard Time?

Ans: Sandford Fleming

88). To scale mount Everest, Mountaineers need to go to…………

Ans: Nepal

89). What fraction of Earth’s diameter is the diameter of the moon? :

Ans: 1/4

90). Which city of India is Known as ‘The Athens of The East’?

Ans: Madurai

91). The longest river of peninsular India is …………

Ans: Godavari

92). River Sutlej enters India through which pass?

Ans: Shipkila

93). Manas Tiger Reserve in which state?

Ans: Assam

94). What is the name of the first crude oil pipeline constructed in India?

Ans: Naharkatia-Nunmati-Barauni Pipeline

95). Which place is said to be the Manchester of South India?

Ans: Coimbatore

96). The first cure oil refinery of India was set up at-

Ans: Digboi

97). What is the sex ratio of Kerala as per census 2011?

Ans: 1084

98). Whose reign in Indian History is called the Golden Age of India?

Ans: Gupta Empire

99). Odisha’s World famous Konark Sun Temple was built by………….

Ans: Narasimhadeva

100). Who is referred to as ‘Frontier Gandhi’?

Ans: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

101). In which year was the first Round Table Conference held in London? 

Ans: 1930

102). World War 2 started in the year?

Ans: 1939

103). What is the retirement age of the prime minister of India?

Ans: No limit

100 Gk questions with answers in English If you like then you can share with your friends. And let us know your opinion in this regard by commenting.

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