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25 General knowledge questions and answers

Here are the top 25 questions of General Knowledge. Which will be useful for you in all exams. Stay connected to get regular General Knowledge Questions from

25 General knowledge Questions and Answers

1). The Vedic civilization in India flourished along …………………the river.
[A] Tapi
[B] Godavari
[C] Narmada
[D] Saraswati
Ans : [D] Saraswati

2). Who among the following was the first scholar to decipher the Ashokan edicts?
[A] V. Gordon Childe
[B] Alexander Cunningham
[C] James Prinsep
[D] James Tylor
Ans : [C] James Prinsep

3). When was the second battle of Panipat fought?
[A] 1556
[B] 1549
[C] 1578
[D] 1590
Ans : [A] 1556

4). The first Europeans to come to India were-
[A] The British
[B] The Dutch
[C] The French
[D] The Portugese
Ans : [D] The Portugese

5). Subhas Chandra Bose was born in the year………..
[A] 1797
[B] 1847
[C] 1897
[D] 1947
Ans : [C] 1897

6). The Founding Father of “Theory of Bureaucracy” was-
[A] F W Taylor
[B] Max Weber
[C] Elton Mayo
[D] Herbert Simon
Ans : [B] Max Weber

7). Who is the author of the book ‘The Blue Umbrella’?
[A] Vikram Seth
[B] Suketu Mehta
[C] Vikram Chandra
[D] Ruskin Bond
Ans : [D] Ruskin Bond

8). What is the main Religion of Myanmar?
[A] Buddhism
[B] Jainism
[C] Islam
[D] Christianity
Ans : [A] Buddhism

9). Which of the following Indian cities is situated at the banks of Lake Pichola?
[A] Agra
[B] Udaipur
[C] Kurnool
[D] Ahmedabad
Ans : [B] Udaipur

10). Identify the river system in which you will find the river ‘Dihang’.
[A] Godavari
[B] Ganga
[C] Indus
[D] Brahmaputra
Ans : [D] Brahmaputra

11). Manas National Park is in Which state?
[A] Odisha
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Assam
[D] Sikkim
Ans : [C] Assam

12). Hirakund Dam is in which state?
[A] Rajasthan
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Odisha
[D] Karnataka
Ans : [C] Odisha

13). Which atmospheric layer contains ozone layer?
[A] Genosphere
[B] Zonosphere
[C] Stratosphere
[D] Inosphere
Ans : [C] Stratosphere

14). Prague is the capital city of……………..
[A] Saudi Arabia
[B] North korea
[C] Czech Republic
[D] Trinidad and Tobago
Ans : [C] Czech Republic

15). Which river passes through maximum number of countries?
[A] Amazon
[B] Danube
[C] Volga
[D] Rhine
Ans : [B] Danube

16). Which is the largest and deepest ocean?
[A] Arctic
[B] Pacific
[C] Atlantic
[D] Indian
Ans : [B] Pacific

17). Newton used the phrase ‘quantity of motion’ for…………….
[A] Momentum
[B] Force
[C] Speed
[D] Mass
Ans : [A] Momentum

18). One Joule is approximately equal to………………
[A] 0.28 calorie
[B] 54 calorie
[C] 0.24 calorie
[D] 42 calorie
Ans : [C] 0.24 calorie

19). Who Invented the computer mouse?
[A] Gene Dolgoff
[B] Brendan Eich
[C] Douglas Engelbart
[D] Federico Faggin
Ans : [C] Douglas Engelbart

20). Ethylene is a …………..molecule.
[A] Polar
[B] Ionic
[C] Covalent
[D] Nonpolar
Ans : [D] Nonpolar

21). Octopus belongs to the phylum…………….
[A] Mollusca
[B] Cnidaria
[C] Echinodermata
[D] Chordata
Ans : [A] Mollusca

22). ‘Pedology’ is the science of :
[A] Soil
[B] Childhood illness
[C] Skin disease
[D] Groundwater
Ans : [A] Soil

23). The impact of green Revolution was felt most in the case of-
[A] Wheat
[B] Rice
[C] Pulses
[D] Oil seeds
Ans : [D] Oil seeds

24). The GST Council is headed by the:
[A] RBI Governor
[B] SEBI chairman
[C] Prime Minister
[D] Union Finance Minister
Ans : [D] Union Finance Minister

25). Ghumura is a Folk dance of ………….
[A] Odisha
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Jammu Kashmir
[D] Maharashtra
Ans : [A] Odisha

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